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XAMUN 2024

16 August – 18 August, 2024
Club Himalaya, Nagarkot, Nepal

XAVIER ACADEMY Model United Nations

Nepal's trailblazing Model United Nations Club, XAMUN, delivers an unparalleled, world-class
MUN experience for both national and
international delegates.

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our mission

To engage high school students in meaningful global discussions, fostering diplomacy and leadership skills in a diverse environment

our vision

To inspire and empower the next generation of global leaders through a premier Model United Nations experience.

our goal

To provide an exceptional, inclusive, and high-quality MUN conference that equips delegates with insights, connections, and skills to tackle future challenges.

Xavier Academy Placard
About Us


XAMUN, the Xavier Academy Model United Nations, launched in 2017 as Nepal's pioneering student-led MUN. We set the standard for high school-level international MUNs in Nepal, offering a three-day simulation of UN committees that fosters global dialogue and cultural exchange. Known for its engaging committees and memorable events, XAMUN provides a unique and impactful experience for delegates worldwide.


At XAMUN 2024, delegates will engage in impactful discussions across committees including the UNSC, UNFAO, International Press, UNHRC, and UNHCR. From addressing global security and food sustainability to advocating for human rights and refugee protection, each committee offers a unique opportunity for delegates to delve into critical international issues and propose solutions that shape our world's future.


Since its inception in 2017, the Xavier Academy Model United Nations (XAMUN) has carved a distinguished legacy as Nepal's premier platform for high school students to engage in global diplomacy and leadership. As one of the pioneering Model United Nations (MUNs) in the country, XAMUN set out to redefine educational conferences by offering an international standard MUN experience.

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Years of Excellence
Successful International Conferences

XAMUN 2017

XAMUN’17, Nepal’s inaugural international high school-level Model UN held at Xavier Academy, Lazimpat, partnered with the Youth Thinkers’ Society and received support from the US Embassy on July 17th. This landmark three-day event hosted approximately 100 delegates from Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Nepal, and Pakistan, marking a unique and successful debut. With collaboration from the renowned Youth Thinkers’ Society (YTS), XAMUN gained global recognition, attracting participants eager to experience the essence of Model United Nations.

XAMUN 2018

XAMUN 2018, held at Club Himalaya, Nagarkot from June 16th to 18th, marked another milestone with its refined and sophisticated Model United Nations experience. Organized by graduated students of Xavier Academy in collaboration with the Youth Thinker Society (YTS), the event attracted 30-40 international delegates. Partnered with UNODC and UNFPA, XAMUN 2018 stood out for its challenging debates and unparalleled educational exposure, recognized by UNODC’s office in Hungary.

XAMUN 2019

XAMUN 2019, hosted at Dhulikhel Mountain Resort from September 6th to 9th, aimed for excellence as Nepal’s premier Model United Nations. Organized solely by Xavier Academy students and the 2018 organizing committee, the event welcomed 12 foreign delegates and 140 participants from Bangladesh, India, and Nepal. It emphasized a precise representation of the United Nations, fostering diverse viewpoints and cultural exchange in a serene environment away from the city. 

XAMUN 2022

XAMUN 2022 is poised to surpass previous editions, focusing on quality and impact. As Nepal’s MUN landscape grows, XAMUN remains dedicated to its core mission of educating teenagers on global issues, fostering leadership, and promoting cultural exchange. Held at a prestigious resort with support from sponsors, XAMUN 2022 aims to set new standards for MUNs in Nepal and Southeast Asia, ensuring accessibility and affordability for all motivated participants.

XAMUN 2023

XAMUN 2023 continued the tradition of excellence, building on its legacy as one of Nepal’s premier Model United Nations conferences. Held at a prestigious venue, the conference attracted participants from across the globe to engage in rigorous debates and diplomatic simulations. Organized with meticulous planning and supported by dedicated sponsors, XAMUN 2023 provided a platform for young leaders to discuss and propose solutions to pressing global issues. With its dynamic committees and emphasis on cultural exchange, XAMUN 2023 left delegates with valuable insights, unforgettable experiences, and a renewed commitment to international cooperation and understanding.